San Diego, California- Madison Gallery announces D I S T A N C E, French artist Cédrix Crespel’s first solo US exhibition. A stunning and ethereal representation of love in landscapes, of love in our surroundings, of love outside the physical beings. The use of bold, yet soft, colors, Crespel captures the desire and vulnerability of passion from afar. The feeling of endless depth, of dynamic distance, of eternal love and longing.

To face it, to get lost in it and to surrender to it. The landscape, with its magnificence, its ‘immensity,’ and its indifference, imposes its might and its power dynamics. The one who gazes upon it experiences a form of solitude, vulnerability, and inaccessibility: a state that, in many ways, resembles love. Painting the vaporization of love, the vibration that lack can generate, the projection of feelings. Painting emotions far beyond what can be seen. When we are both separated, our landscapes clash and represent the distance between us. From her to me, and vice versa. A form of landscape in love; showing what cannot normally be represented.”