Landscape of Love

« Still in the will to represent the energy in the link, between Tiphaine and I, I setted up a new approachPainting a muse can reduct the subject by representing only a body or a face but the strength is elsewhere. It s more subtle and indefinableTo depict the vaporousness of love, the vibration that lack can generate, the projection of feelings.Painting emotions far more beyond of what could be seenWhen physically we re not together I take a photo in the axis of where she could be in the world, she does the same from her position to my axis. Both pictures are taken at the same moment.Landscape are then opposed and represents the distance between us. From her to me and vice versaA form of love landscape, showing what is normally can t be depicted »

Landscape Of Love 200×150


Self Portrait 2022 2×1,5 Montresso Art Foundation
Tiphaine 2022 2×1,5 Montresso Art Foundation
The Queen Sun
Black Coat 150×200
Selfie 162×130